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Modern, Refined, Tailored for Supreme.

Helping fans secure exclusive drops.

Buy: $20

Retail $20/Season.

Supreme Chrome Extension Laptop

Powerful Features

Never miss another Supreme drop again.
Supporting North America and European countries, SUPREMEGENIE allows users to checkout in a couple seconds while stealthily avoiding bot detection by simulating human-like events into the browser.

Lightning Fast

Put yourself in the runnings on the most competitive drops by carting & checking out in around ~3 seconds.

Highly Customizable

Configure all delays to your exact specifications. From monitoring and clicking to keystroke-emulation.


Each purchase comes with 3 activations, so you can run the bot simultaneously on up to 3 computers at the same time.

Optimized Keyword Search

Instantly cart the items you want and avoid unwanted items with SupremeGenie's intelligent Keyword Matching.

Flavorful UI

Implementing a clean yet robust UI compared to other extensions, SupremeGenie leaves little confusion.

Restock Mode

Slept on a drop? Utilize a built-in restock monitor that instantly alerts you when your desired item becomes available.

SUPREMEGENIE: Spring/Summer 2021 License

Updates are made regularly throughout the season when new features and optimizations are implemented.

After checkout:
You will automatically receive an email that contains your license key, a link to download the extension and a quick-start PDF guide on how to operate the bot so you can quickly start creating tasks before the drop.


Chrome Extension





Frequently Asked Questions

  • SupremeGenie can work on any computer that can use Google Chrome. That includes Windows and MacOS.

  • SupremeGenie exclusively supports Supreme(, the software does not work with any other e-commerce platform.

  • SupremeGenie is priced at $20 per season. Your license key wil be suspended at the end of the season at which purchased.

    If you purchased SupremeGenie later into the season, you may email and possibly have your key duration extended into next season(free of charge).

  • After purchasing SupremeGenie, you will receive a link to download a PDF task guide instructing you how to parse the correct keywords for desired items and how to avoid unwanted items. As well as instructions on how to use other functionalities such as restock monitoring.

  • After checkout, you will receive an email that contains your license key and a download link for the extension plus a quick-start guide.

    Note: Make sure you use an email provider that does not automatically block marketing emails.

  • SupremeGenie currently supports North America and European countries.

    JP support for the bot is coming in the future.